Secret friend

The work consists of framed photographic portraits of my friends. Under each picture I am revealing a secret about the person from the photo. Photographs are framed backwards to hide the identity of the person in the portrait. In this way, simultaneously I am presenting presence and absence of the subject described in words. The secret is reviled but it stays in secret in the same moment. By this work I want to tackle the viewer with a disturbing absence of the image, a lack of a picture, in the place where it should be. The viewer can experience discomfort and unsatisfied curiosity. The feeling of being so close to knowing someone else's secret is appealing to human nature. The reverse of the image is also a symbolic gesture, violence against picture, against its power to influence me. Referring to the iconoclastic effect of hiding the face, I want to show the power that the image demonstrates, even in the absence of it. The secrets revealed in my work have never been uncovered before, so this work is also a form of selfpurification - I want to get rid of the burden by creating this project.

all i don't miss you i wish I have never met you we could be perfect together i don't like your art all the secrets