There is a profound feeling that arises when someone begins to sing an old song, long forgotten by most,

which you once listened to alone at home, or when you unexpectedly encounter an old friend you just remembered yesterday. Such „coincidences” leave us momentarily amazed and make us feel that we are experiencing something unexplainable. In my art practice, I strive to visualize the power of the intangible aspects of life beyond our senses and ability to explain: the awe-inspiring nature of certain experiences, spirituality, emotions, delusions, hallucinations, or memories. My goal is to give „faces” to these elements, creating an alternative world where the previously invisible becomes visible. I seek to represent the invisible part of our lives, exploring layers of visual representation and finding a language that expresses transcendent ideas of spirituality and the subconscious.

My focus lies in discovering a new spirituality for the 21st century that stands independent of any structured hierarchy. Through my art, I aim to create an experience that allows people to encounter their sacred. Recently, I’ve delved into my subconscious, exploring its depths to find more dimensions of myself. My exploration includes the subjects of affirmation, prayer, meditation, and other religious practices, as I aim

to detach them from the structures of specific religions. I translate the outcomes of these experiments onto canvas, creating paintings-prayers to which I attribute various intentions.
In the early years of my artistic journey, I delved into analyzing Freud’s text „the uncanny.” As time progressed, my focus shifted to recognizing that we often feel rather than see, leading to a growing need for spirituality and connection with our own subconscious. My pursuit is to fulfill this need without relying on existing systematized religions. I draw inspiration from religious practices rooted in prayer, repetition, and visualization of desires while seeking a 21st-century spirituality that reflects tradition without religious declarations.

Currently, I am immersed in creating a series of paintings „prayers.” I begin by painting landscapes that emerge from my dreams (subconscious), and then I consciously add a second layer using a transparent veil created by painting numerous dots. The process of painting the conscious layer is deeply repetitive and monotonous, akin to the repetitive nature of prayer. Each painting is assigned a distinct intention, which accompanies me throughout the artistic process. This prolonged creative journey allows me to experience all the emotions that would accompany me when the intention is fulfilled. The color scheme remains monochromatic, as I aim to evoke dreaminess and illusion - something barely perceptible and difficult to grasp.

Ultimately, my aspiration is to create a contemporary chapel where a majestic force exists without definition, offering an answer to our profound need. In this sacred space, spirituality transcends conventional structures and embraces a profound and personal experience.