Documentation of „Archivio,” an installation by Polish artist Agnieszka Rowińska and Filipino filmmaker Aaron Palabyab, completed at the 33 Officina Creativa (33OC) Residency in Toffia, Italy. Assembled by the artists from scratch using only readily available materials, this is a prototype for future installations based on this concept. The installation takes inspiration from the small medieval town of Toffia, Italy, and the strong sense of the presence of the past within its walls. A large translucent oil painting was created and assembled by Agnieszka from several sheets. She then individually drew and cut around 500 human figures, corresponding to the number of people buried in the town’s old cemetery, which were then hung in a web of string behind the painting. Then a time-lapse film of Toffia, shot by Aaron over one month, was projected onto the back of the painting and through the figures. The projector was placed on an automated camera slider in order to create a parallax effect with the shadows, with the result that it becomes difficult to determine where they exist in space.